Recently the program “SOS” received an award at festival European Cinematographer AWARDS ECA, which is the official IMDB festival.

Another award on our list, in 2023 the «SOS» program won again in Japan, this time at the festival «Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival».

This year begins with the award for “SOS” program award. Participation in the new festival Near Nazareth Festival (NGF) and new prestigious award.

Our program «SOS» received an award in America at a prestigious festival: International Film Festival Manhattan.

The «SOS» program received an award, this time we were evaluated by judges from Japan! «SOS» won in the category “Best Experimental Film” at Tokyo International Monthly Film.

We have great news about two more wins in Indian festivals. This time “SOS” was awarded in the nomination “Travel Film” at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. The second award was received in the category “TV Show” at Athvikvaruni International Film Festival.

We want to tell you about another serious victory in the category “Best Experimental Film” at the Around International Film Festival. As you may have guessed, the «SOS» program won.

Another victory for our program “Extreme cuisine”.  This time our program participated in the Indian festival:  Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and received a new prestigious award.

Another serious award in the piggy bank of our company. “Extreme Cuisine” has received almost a Michelin star)

And again! BBC Studios, Sky, YouTube Originals, RAI, ABC TV, ViacomCBS Networks, Premiere Digital, All3Media, ABC Commercial, SBS. For some reason, they moved to London. Not really “they” but the prestigious award moved from Cannes to London, well, and we are with them.

Our two programs are traditionally the fourth year in a row in the short list of The Content Innovation Awards!
“SOS” – Factual Entertainment Program of the Year
“Extreme Cuisine” – Entertainment Format of the Year


Finally, this year the programs of our channel were selected in the prestigious festival in Berlin 2021 ARFF Berlin // International Awards two projects at once: “SOS” and “Extreme Cuisine”

Today from the SIMFEST festival, in which we took the first place (program SOS), a package with prizes came. So cute! Two bottles of wine, a marvelous man and certificates. Thank you very much Bucharest!!!

Finally, after a long break this year we have our first Award. We’ve become winners in category “Entertainment program” with our project “SOS”!!!!!!

We are in Cannes again!!! For the third year in a row we get to this prestigious ceremony!
This year we have two programs of our production in different nominations:
1.Factual Entertainment Program of the Year – “SOS” program
2.Entertainment Format of the Year – “Extreme Cuisine”

Good news. Our produced TV projects have reached Hollywood! SOS and Extreme Cuisine will compete soon for its prizes on The TASTE AWARDS!

The program “SOS” produced by the TV company “Russian Extreme” was nominated at the prestigious film festival in Cannes but didn’t get a reward. This is the second time we were nominated and the second time we lost. The good thing is that our rivals were SKY and Endemol. Such an honor to compete with the leaders🏆

New nomination of SOS TV project. This time we are the part of the festival GOLD MOVIE AWARDS. The program is represented into the category – Documentary

We are glad to announce that our creation – trailer “SOS” was proudly selected for the specified category of the Around International Film Festival (ARFF International) in Berlin.

The program “SOS” produced by the TV company “Russian Extreme” was nominated at the prestigious film festival in Cannes.
Travel show “SOS”, produced by Russian Extreme TV company, is an absolutely unique television format. The host of the program, Sergey Shevchenko, goes on a journey without a penny of money in his pocket. Under the terms of the project, he arrives in a completely unfamiliar country, without connections, without a place to stay, without knowledge of the language, in a country where he will have to really survive. And survival often begins right at the airport. How does he get to the city? Where to spend the night? How to protect himself on the street? And how to get food? The task is complicated by the fact that he has to visit all the major cities of the country in which he was abandoned, that is, it is also necessary to earn money to move. But how to do it: get a floor wash? To make an entertainment on the square? Just begging? Sergey will have to use all his communication skills. In some points, to rely on wit, some on intuition, and some just luck of the draw.
Among the countries that have already visited the SOS project there are such as Iran, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and many other countries, we will not talk about everything now… But in each of these countries Sergey had real adventures. No preparation, no staging. In real life, everything is unexpected and unpredictable.
There’s no need to wait for help. After all, Sergei is the entire film crew. He not only has to survive, but all this to shoot on camera.
Such a bold TV project was evaluated by the Commission of the Content Innovation Awards and included in the short-list.
By the way, this is not the first time when Russian Extreme projects get to Cannes. Last year, the program “Extreme Cuisine” with Maria Deeva was included in the list of applicants for the award.
So Russian Extreme is the only TV channel that has been nominated in Cannes for the second year in a row. “